So, when did you last blog?

I was brought up as a Catholic – which means I have both GCSE and A Level ‘Guilt’.

The thing is, as a papist, you’re forced (and I used that word advisedly) to give ‘confession’ on a regular basis. This entailed going into a little room with the priest and admitting to all the bad things you’d done of late. In reality, you wouldn’t tell the priest all the REALLY bad things you’d done (you weren’t, after all, stupid), you’d tell the priest the type of bad things that you felt they would like to hear. It’s a bit like being in a job interview and being asked about your failings. You know, when you have to give examples of ‘failings’ that are, in fact, assets: “I’m a perfectionist” or “I just won’t stop until the job is done” – that kind of thing.

Anyway, back to confession. Before you’d admitted to not helping your mum enough with the dishes or eating the last Quality Street in the tin, the priest would ask a question:

“How long’s it been since your last confession?”

Which is where I am right now – if you substitute the word ‘confession’ for ‘blog’.

Basically I’m a lapsed blogger. It’s been a while.

But here I am, ready to spill my soul to you once more. The Prodigal Son has returned – it’s time to kill the fatted calf – or throw some burgers on the barbie, at least!

So what have I been up to?

Some of you may know that since we last conflabed I’ve had a second child: a little girl, who is now approaching 5 months.

Most of you will now understand why you’ve heard less of me.

For those who don’t quite get it, I’ll spell it out:


My god, I thought I’d been busy with just one kid. But with two – it’s like a whole new game.

Really it is!

I feel like I’d been ten pin bowling with the cushions in the gutters – and now someone has taken them away! Suddenly, rather than getting a strike every time, I’m lucky if the ball gets half way down the alley!

Sorry for the painfully forced metaphor – but my brain is tired. The truth is my brain is so tired I initially wrote my ‘brian’ is tired. And, if I had a ‘Brian’, I’m sure he’d be tired too.

So this is me, like the youthful penitent I once was, explaining my absence and looking for blogging absolution. My penance? 10 Peppa Pigs and a softplay session?

Anyway – I’m back.

Gotta go – things to do, you know. All that Lego isn’t going to step on itself, is it?

Thank all.

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Chris McGuire: Writer Website

People often say to me: “Oh, so you must be good with words.”

In a loose way that’s probably true.

I am good with words.

I like words a lot.

I like words that confound expectations – I mean, why is ‘abbreviation’ such a long word? That’s a terrible dad joke, I know. But I am a dad – so I assume that’s OK.

For me, it’s not so much about the words themselves as the communication they provide.

That’s my passion, using words to meet people where they are. The thrill of putting together a piece of writing that eliminates barriers; placing both the reader and the person/business/brand communicating with them into an unhindered state of ‘flow’.

So yes, I’m good with words. But only in the same way a joiner is good with hammers. Words aren’t the endgame, they’re not the reason why we do this. Communication is the key – just as the joiner only wields a hammer to create a table.

via About Chris… – Chris McGuire: Writer

Hi all,

I wanted to let you know about my new website – showing everything I do as a writer, yes even some that isn’t ‘dad’ related.

I write columns, features, copywrite and a whole host of other things. It’s all there at:

Why not take a look?


5 (Useless) Skills I’ve Mastered Since Becoming a Parent – The Good Men Project

Pram Tetris

This is a (useless) skill that few will ever be better at. Essentially, I’m a king at shoving (yes, that’s the right word) stuff into the cavity beneath the seat in my son’s pram. I’m all about finding the right-sized gap in this under-pram game and plugging it with tins of beans, baguettes, and shampoo.

Once again, this sounds as though it might be a useful skill to have mastered. Wrong. It’s totally useless. Yes, I manage to fit an ungodly amount of stuff under the buggy due to my mastery of pram Tetris, but whatever I put under the pram never survives the game intact. Bread is bent and broken, cakes are crushed and shampoo is shot from the bottle.

via 5 (Useless) Skills I’ve Mastered Since Becoming a Parent – The Good Men Project

It’s amazing the number of totally useless skills I’ve learned since becoming a parent – take a look at the link above.


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Showboating Parents, Please Give it a Rest – The Good Men Project

As a SAHD, one of the perennial issues to be faced is the arrival of the showboating parent. What do I mean by this? It’s simple really, a mum (or mainly) dad who arrives at the park with something to prove. They probably don’t get to do this type of activity as often as I do (lucky them) and are determined to make a show of how much fun their kid is having. By ‘making a show’ I mean making the other parents aware of just how amazing they are.

God they’re tedious.

via Showboating Parents, Please Give it a Rest – The Good Men Project

Overly enthusiastic parents, turning everything into a competition, are the worst!

Check out the link here for my thoughts…


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Parenting Has Turned My Brain to Mush – The Good Men Project

I used to pride myself on my… on my… on my… you know… my… collection of words… the ones I use.. when I… you know speak.

I’ve just Googled it.

I used to pride myself on my vocabulary.

Seriously I did.

It’s a bit of a stupid thing to pride yourself on, but to be honest it’s no worse than finding pleasure in the size of your My Little Pony collection or the spoiler on the back of your XR3i – I know full-grown adults who exemplify both of these… ‘things’.

But today, here I am, struggling to remember even the simplest of words. I mean, really simple, common, every-day, bits of communication have completely dropped out of my head.

via Parenting Has Turned My Brain to Mush – The Good Men Project

Being a parent has seriously changed the way I think.

Actually, to put it more succinctly, it’s changed my ability to think.

Have a read…


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