Football, Gender and Success – The Good Men Project

IMG_6041.PNGThere are many, many, ways to ‘succeed’ in life.

For me being a nice, decent, caring person is the primary way this can be achieved. I’ll be far more proud of Sam if he looks out for the needs of others than if his face is available to stick into a Panini album (I’m talking stickers here, not sandwiches).

Our society is one screaming out for positive male role models. Wouldn’t it be great if a new generation was allowed to look beyond the football pitch to find them?

So, apologies to the old lady (who was, I know, meaning to be kind), but I’m not going to be limiting my son’s aspirations. There’s a whole world available to our kids, success can take many forms.

Next time you see a baby boy kicking/waving/smiling/screeching, why not say:

“There’s a great kick/wave/smile/screech he’d make a great dancer/social worker/paramedic/teacher”?

via Football, Gender and Success – The Good Men Project

I’m so bored with the way we allow tired gender roles to limit our kids. Things must change.

Take a look at my piece in The Good Men Project.


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