10 Things I Didn’t Expect From Being A Parent

I Have Poo Tinnitus. It’s true. Everywhere I go I can smell a gentle whiff of poo. Where it’s coming from I can’t tell you. It may be that changing a multitude of nappies has made me especially sensitive to the aroma of fecal matter?

If you can’t say anything nice…

It’s these people, and their blissful ignorance, that contemporary parents must learn to navigate around. Like hidden rocks among the flotsam and jetsam of parenting – they must be spotted and avoided if possible.

The OODD guide to The Dad Body.

So it’s happened, you’re a dad!

The OODD Guide to Nappy Changing a Crawler…

So it’s happened. You’ve been dreading it for months now and. finally, it’s here!!