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As a SAHD, one of the perennial issues to be faced is the arrival of the showboating parent. What do I mean by this? It’s simple really, a mum (or mainly) dad who arrives at the park with something to prove. They probably don’t get to do this type of activity as often as I do (lucky them) and are determined to make a show of how much fun their kid is having. By ‘making a show’ I mean making the other parents aware of just how amazing they are.

God they’re tedious.

via Showboating Parents, Please Give it a Rest – The Good Men Project

Overly enthusiastic parents, turning everything into a competition, are the worst!

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3 thoughts on “Showboating Parents, Please Give it a Rest – The Good Men Project

  1. Yeah, had a read. can’t really say I’ve noticed showboating in the style you have blogged about, but on social media….good grief it’s dreadful. Full time working dads seem to get huge plaudits simply for being photographed with a smile on their face while holding their kids, more so if dad happens to be topless. You kinda know mum is doing all the heard work and that he *thinks* he’s being hands on.


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