Five Things Every Stay At Home Dad Knows… – My latest piece for The Good Men Project

Life as a stay at home dad could never be accused of being boring. Weird incidents like this depressingly par for the course…

Here are 5 Things Every SAHD Knows…

Pensioners don’t get it. I know, I know, it’s a generational thing. Women used to stay at home and men used to bring back cured pork products. Yet, every day (and I do mean EVERY DAY) I find myself in a conversation with a pensioner whose gast is well and truly flabbered by my SAHD situation. “Giving his mum a little break eh?” they’ll cheerfully ask – as if it was any of their business. “Er, no,” I reply. “I look after him while his mum’s working.” “So she works and you don’t?” I smile, trying to seem polite. “No I work part-time and I also look after my son.” This is usually followed by lots of sighing and muttering about the country going to the dogs. NB: Some pensioners may not struggle with the SAHD concept, I’m yet to meet one.

via Five Things Every Stay At Home Dad Knows… – The Good Men Project

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Let’s face it, it’s not easy being a Stay At Home Dad, but hopefully my piece in The Good Men Project will provide a little solidarity.

Keep up the great work fellas!

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2 thoughts on “Five Things Every Stay At Home Dad Knows… – My latest piece for The Good Men Project

  1. I get tired of folk at work saying to me “hope you have a nice day off” or similar… This would never be said to a mother – I’ve never heard anyone say it to a female colleague when they are due to be at home because of childcare

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