The Bond of Fatherhood…

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There’s part of me that hates giving Piers Morgan the oxygen of publicity. I’m aware that this is what he thrives upon, that being controversial is what he intended to be, and he makes money out of it…


Life in the 21st Century is tough enough, without silver-spooned, over-privileged fools like Morgan thinking he’s in some kind of elevated position to pass judgement on the rest of us.

Being a father isn’t emasculating. Being engaged father isn’t emasculating. Changing a nappy isn’t emasculating. Wearing a child in a papoose isn’t emasculating. Singing a baby to sleep isn’t emasculating. Hugging a child to make everything better isn’t emasculating.

None of these things diminishes a man. In fact, they do the opposite. To be honest, if these things are emasculating, then I’m happy to be emasculated.

The desire to kick down, the joy some people get in putting themselves on a pedestal and undermining all around them. I don’t see that as very masculine Piers.

Some would say that being the lapdog of a repulsive president was emasculating Piers. But then, pointing that out would reduce me to your level.

The bond that Piers created between fathers across the world, with his incendiary nonsense is a beautiful thing. Now there’s a type of masculinity I can buy into!


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