Teething trouble…

“Is he teething yet?”

It’s a simple enough question, I’d suppose. There was a period there, a few months back, where Sam’s mum & I were getting asked this several times a day.

The innocuous sounding inquiry would always be accompanied by a smirking smile. A look that said: “I know something that you don’t.”

For a long time, the answer had been a simple: “No, not yet.” This, in turn, would cue a sigh, shaking of the head and an exclamation of: “Well that’s something to look forward to”

What is it with people who feel the necessity to constantly wind up parents with their first child? The idea of finding the most tired parent you can and announcing: “It’s bad now, but oh! It’ll get worse!” seems pretty cruel to me.

Unsurprisingly teething did come. And with it came sleepless nights and ‘The Wall’. I’ve never been so tired. I was constantly losing my train of thought halfway through a…

The house was filled with screaming and crying, and that was just Sam’s mum and I. Then Brush Baby came into our lives.

Now I’m not the type of person to bang on about a product. It’s just not me. Although I do really, really like Ferraris, if they’re listening.

Let me make it clear from the outset that Brush Baby products do not work miracles. But they help.

Boy do they help!

We genuinely wouldn’t be without their Teething Wipes. These amazing bits of kit are wiped on your child’s gums after a feed and through some magic (something to do with killing bacteria) ease the pain of teething. I don’t know how many hours of sleep I received as a result of using the wipes, but I’m glad for every one of them.

We’ve now instituted a nighttime routine, using Brush Baby’s ‘First Brush’ & ‘Applemint’ teething toothpaste and we haven’t looked back.

It’s not down to me to tell you what to do. I just thought I’d pass on a bit of info that has been more helpful to us than the smirks and clucking we received from certain other parents.


Still Sinking

The Out of Depth Dad. 





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