Bullying. It has to stop.


I was bullied throughout my secondary school career. It was a horrendous experience that had a huge affect on me.

Here’s a piece I wrote about it for Metro.co.uk please do have a read.


As a society, we need to stop normalizing bullying. It’s not just banter, or a rite of passage, it’s a real problem and it ruins lives.

If you, or someone you know is being bullied, here are some links to sites where you can get help:





No jokes today, I’m afraid, folks.



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11 thoughts on “Bullying. It has to stop.

  1. What an awful experience.I do hope you succeed in not transferring your issues to your son. He is his own person. Help him to deal with such harassment in the structured way that will be available to you. It’s the only way, ultimately. Brave post

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  2. I’m so happy that you spoke out about this. Bullying is so much different now than it was when we were kids. Ha, here I am assuming I know how old you are. My bad. At any rate, I am pushing 40 and the bullying battlefront is a whole new world now then it was when I was young. This problem NEEDS to be spoken of, widely, and by as many people as possible. We had it bad. These kids now have it worse. Kids are just as cruel as they ever were, but now, instead of the 20 or so people that witness the humiliation of child bullied, there is now the internet. Where potentially MILLIONS of people stand watch as these horrendous things take place. That is something to think about.
    Bravo. Thank you so much for using your voice and your experiences to put this out there.

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